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Festival to Go at Children's School of Rochester #15: Rochester, NY - October 25, 2018
As part of the Rochester Area Children's Writers & Illustrators Festival to Go program, volunteer authors and illustrators visited 4 schools in the Rochester City School District. The third school we visited was Children's School of Rochester #15, which starts the day with all students assembling for a briefing.
Mylisa Larsen presented to Grade 4
I presented to pre-K, reading Mylisa's How to Put Your Parents to Bed
Will Hubbell in the library before his session...
...with Grade 2
Altrusa volunteer Eileen watching Will's presentation
Ricky Richard Anywar and Keely Hutton presenting to Grade 6
Keely, who wrote the book Soldier Boy...
...about Ricky's experiences in the civil war in Uganda.
Altrusa volunteer Jody LaRose presenting Certificates of Appreciation to Ricky and Keely. (Meanwhile, we appreciate Jody and Altrusa, a service organization that buys books to donate to the school libraries.)
In the library, Vivian Vande Velde, librarian Melissa Frost, Damon Piletz, and Jody LaRose
Damon presenting to Grade 3, with a list of words provided by the students...
...that went into a poem the children wrote together and then read out loud.
Vivian and Jody
Jody presenting a Certificate to Vicki Schultz...
...who presented to Grade 5.
Tiffany Polino leading Kindergarten students in a song and dance about Jumpin' Junior, the Bush Baby.
Tiffany with co-author Jennifer Cahall
Allene Lind, presenting to Grade 1 about crickets.
Allene placed a cloth "exoskeleton" on a student to show how crickets shed to grow...
Live crickets...
...for the children to look at close up.
librarian Melissa Frost, principal Jay Piper, and Vivian with Certificate of Recognition for the school's participation in Festival to Go.